OUr Approach

We help others find a calling and change the world.

Capabilities we foster

Figuring out solutions
Reflecting regularly
Showing What You Know
Thinking about Design
Connecting Content
Learning Through Real-World Projects
Applying Kingdom Practices to our journeys

Skills we use

Setting Goals
Orienting around Learner-Driven Process
Applying Tools, Manipulatives and Models to Problems
Using Data for Targeted Support and Goal Progress
Practicing Restoration
Governing the Studio through a Town Hall

Environment we set up

Valuing Questions
Utilizing Multi-age Studios
Looking at the surrounding community as Classroom
Establishing Studio Contracts
Setting up Accountability between Heroes
Making One to One Chromebooks Available
Arranging Flexible Seating

What our heroes parents are saying about Journey.

“We saw our child come to life, and gain confidence in himself and who he is as a person in a way we have never experience before.”
- Sara
“I highly recommend Journey for all parents who wish to give their children the gift of being a curious, life-long, and motivated learner.” - Kira
It's a joy to be a part of a community that thinks critically, offers new ideas, encourages students to be their best selves, promotes a growth mindset and problem-solving skills, and works together through adversity and difficulty. Plus, no homework!! ;) - Lauren

Three Studios

Our modern one-room school model combines key ages to foster the best student-lead environments.

Elementary Studio (Ages 9-11)
Intermediate Studio (Ages 12-15)
Spark (Ages 4-8]

What Makes Us Different?

Learning at Journey


We will take ownership of learning through setting our own goals, guiding our learning, practicing a growth mindset and finding His calling in order to  change the world.


We seek powerful questions, employ problems from – and places in – the real world to launch projects and nurture innovation through creative problem solving.


We seek challenges, address problems and face fears looking to overcome and grow academically, spiritually and relationally.


We follow the ultimate hero Jesus, centering our practices on Him while hospitably making room for others to come and learn with us.


We rely on tuition, as well as generous gifts and grants to operate.


$8,950/per year


$8,450/per year


$7,700/per year


$6,950/per year

Start the enrollment process

What does it cost to get started?

ENROLLMENT FEE: $350 ($250 for returning families)

Does tuition cover everything?

Tuition alone does not cover the cost of running our school. We run lean, and we rely on generous gifts and grants to make up the difference. If you are led to continue paying full tuition, we would be so grateful. Giving like this makes it possible for other families to access necessary tuition aid.